Starting the Six Month Smiles® Process

Dr. Theodore Wu and Dr. Edward V. Molyneaux

Drs. Ted Wu & Edward Molyneaux
Six Month Smiles® Consultation

Blue Back Dental offers a FREE orthodontic consultation where we will discuss your primary concerns about your teeth. After our initial evaluation, we will discuss all the possible treatment options that are best suited to your individual circumstances. Together with you, we will develop an individualized treatment plan explaining the process involved in the Six Month Smiles® procedure. We will also answer any questions you have regarding the fees involved.

Oral Health Assessment

Our team will assess your oral health to ensure that your teeth are free of decay, and that your bone levels and gums are healthy. Once we have determined that your oral health is adequate for the Six Month Smiles® braces, we will take photographs and impressions of your teeth and a personalized treatment kit will be fabricated.

Placement of Braces

Approximately two weeks after your oral health assessment, we will place the braces on your teeth. This appointment will take approximately one hour. You will be given an information package about caring for and managing your new braces.

Great Smile
Adjustment Appointments

We will schedule adjustment appointments every 3-4 weeks to ensure that the treatment is progressing as planned. These appointments are approximately 30 minutes. If a hygiene visit is needed to remove plaque from the brackets or hard to reach areas, we can schedule at the same time as your adjustment appointments.

Removal of Braces

When the treatment is finished (approximately six months), we will remove the brackets (one hour) and give you retainers and whitening (included in fee).
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